ITBPF Educational Society ITBPFEES



The Aims and object of ITBPFEES shall be as Follows:-

(i)   To establish educational institutions at location of deployment I.T.B.P.F to provide quality education to the wards of Force members
(ii)   To provide for admission to local children in the I.T.B.P. school considering the fact that most of the I.T.B.P. deployment locations are in remote area having inadequate formal educational facilities.
(iii)   To establish technical institutions to provide facilities of job-oriented training/courses to wards of the force members for their bright future.
(iv)   To work for the educational upliftment of children of personnel of all ranks of the ITBP.
(v)   To take up the matter with the authorities for the solution of educational problems of the children of all ranks of the force personnel.
(vi)   To do all such other things which may appear beneficial for the educational upliftment of the children of all ranks of force members.
(vii)   To supervise the management of ITBP education fund.
(viii)   The Income of the society shall be utilized only for the achievements of above aims and objective.
(ix)   Whenever it shall appear for the governing body that it is advisable to alter, extended or abridge such purpose to get for other purposes within the limits of SR act the governing body may submit the proposition to the members of the society in a written or printed proposition to the members of the society in a written or printed report and shall convene special meeting for the consideration thereof according to the regulation of the society.

All the income earning, movable, immovable properties of the ITBPFEES shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objectives only mentioned in the memorandum of association and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present and past member of the “ITBPFEES” or to any person claiming through any or more of the present or past members. No member of the ‘ITBPFEES’ shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable properties of the ‘ITBPFEES' pr make any profit, whatsoever by virtue of membership.