Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra: DO's and DONT's

Wear loose clothes in several layers with an outer wind cover. Discuss about Indian security deployment with anybody.
Apply sun screen to avoid sun burn and vaseline to prevent cracking of lips, particularly during Parikrama. Take photograph of security deployment or security personnel.
Get prompt medical treatment from ITBP doctors for minor cuts, blisters and headache. Take food from outside enroute except from KMVN mess.
Listen to and abide by the instructions of the LO. Spoil flora or fauna enroute or carry heavy loads.
Abide by the medical advice and decision of the medical Officers as it is for your own safety. Ride on a horse when you are on a narrow track or take a dip in the holy Mansarovar lake before 12 noon.
Deposit your photo film with KMVN at Nabidhang. Walk at a steady and rythmic pace.
Use dusting powder before wearing socks. Walk zig-zag while moving upwards or downwards.
Treat mountains with respect. Trek in small groups but not alone.
Check your documents before moving. While resting, gently massage your muscles.
Briefing/De-briefing to be avoided at public places. Commence on a trek early and stick firmly to the schedule.