Grievance and Welfare Cell

To redress the various problems of serving and retired personnel of this organization and welfare /rehabilitation of wards/widows of the personnel who have sacrificed their lives for the nation, a grievance and welfare cell has been established at Dte. Gen. ITBP. Besides this, Unit and Sector level grievances and welfare cells have also been established to redress the grievances of Unit personnel and their families.

Recreational Facilities

Because of the deployment of ITBP in remote border areas ,away from the normal civil life with very few amenities and recreational and entertainment resources, efforts have been made to provide entertainment/recreational facilities to force personnel at the place of their postings by providing TV sets and arranging periodical film shows from time to time. Besides this, a large number of digital reception sets have been provided to our check posts so that force personnel performing duties at isolated check posts are able to get entertainment and also remain in touch with happenings around them. Reading material and various indoor/outdoor game facilities are also being provided.