Welfare Funds

Central Welfare Fund

This is contributory fund and based on monthly subscription of Rs.50 per head from all members of the force. This fund is used for the following purposes.

a) Medical advance given to the force personnel for medical treatment in case of emergency.
b) Natural calamity loan provided to force personnel affected by natural calamity without interest.
c) Expenditure on force level functions.
d) Advance provides to newly raised units for establishment of regimental institutions i.e. Wet canteen, Grain Shop, Central Police Canteen, and Master Canteen etc.
e) Educational loan of Rs. 2.5 Lac to 100(90 non gazette and 10 gazette) force personnel for higher technical/professional education of their wards with rat of interest 2.5 % annualy.
f) Advance provided for other welfare activities for welfare of jawans.
g) Daughter marriage loan of Rs. 2 Lac to force personnel for two times during service, rate of interest 2.5% annualy (Self/Sister & Brother's marriage loan will be applicable up to rank of HC only).

Central Benevolent Fund

This is a contributory fund and based on monthly subscription of Rs.300 per head from all members of the force. The benefits out of this fund are as follows.

a) Rupees 40 Lac as immediate relief (Any kind of death of force personnel)
b)  i)Rupees 40 Lac to Missing (During Operation )
     ii)Rupees 20 Lac to Missing (other cases )
c) In case of Medical Board Out :-
       i)  Disability: 40% to 50 %  = 16 Lac
      ii)  Disability: 51% to 75%   = 25 Lac
     iii)  Disability: 76% to 100% = 35 Lac
d) Payment/Refund of principle Amount to the force personnel on Retirement/Repatriation/Discharge with simple rate of interest @ 8% without compound basded on GPF calculation formmula only..